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Barf Raw Dog food box - Chicken

Barf Raw Dog food box - Chicken

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Our Chicken, Lamb and Vegetable packs are a firm favourite and provide a meal bursting with flavour for your favourite dog. 

We have crafted the perfect sized pouches that are individually sealed and frozen to lock in all the nutrients and goodness that will keep your dog healthy. 

Simply place tomorrow serving in the fridge the night before, cut open and serve! No mess, no fuss, and takes all of 30 seconds!


Raw premium quality minced frozen BARF 100% chicken dog food,

Vacuum packed & frozen (no mess when defrosting)

Small: 24 x 500g packs (12kg)

Medium: 30 x 500g packs (15kg)

Large: 48 x 500g packs (24kg)

Extra Large: 60 x 500g packs (30kg)

Analytical constituent :

  • Crude protein 17.2%
  • Crude fat 10.7%
  • Crude ash 4.3% 
  • Crude fibre 0.4%

We only use Top Quality Human Grade FSA approved Chicken Carcasses & Breast Trimmings  Contains no Artificial Colourings or Flavourings                          

To be fed raw and MUST NOT BE COOKED OR WARMED. This product contains pieces of bone.

We are a DEFRA approved pet food producer

APHA Licence No  21/075/8113/ABP/PTF

Lancashire trading Standards Reg No  GB193/0216 

Feeding guidelines:

Adult dog: 2-3% of body weight

Puppies from 8 weeks: 5-6% of body weight

(depending on amount of exercise)

Do not feed unsupervised, and always make sure your dog has access to clean water.

Simply take out the required amount and leave in your fridge overnight to defrost


Before 12.00 Mon-Thursday will be dispatched same day for next day delivery.

After 12.00 Thursday will not be dispatched until following Monday (excluding Bank Holidays which will then be dispatched on Tuesday).

Delivered by DHL 24hr courier in polystyrene box which will keep product frozen for 48hrs

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