Why is your dog or cat fussy eater?

Welcome back! A number of our customers transitioned to barf food as their cats & dogs had become very fussy eaters. Often finding that its simply the food they are feeding the beloved pets! 

There are a few reasons why a fussy dog (or cat) might prefer a raw food diet, also known as a "BARF" diet (biologically appropriate raw food).

First, some pets may find raw food more palatable than dry or canned commercial food, especially if they are picky eaters. Raw food has a strong, natural smell and taste that may be more appealing to fussy dogs than the less aromatic commercial foods.

Second, a raw food diet may be easier for fussy dogs & cats to digest because it more closely resembles the natural diet of wild canids. This may help to reduce digestive upsets that can be common in fussy dogs. 

Finally, some owners of fussy dogs believe that a raw food diet can help improve overall health and vitality, potentially helping to alleviate common digestive issues or allergies.

So if you are fed up of dealing with unpleasant poo in the park - you are on the right track looking into barf food! 

If you have any questions reach out, drop a comment or give us a shout via the contact us page! 

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